Nice Slide Show Lite

Add flexible slide shows to Joomla

  • Compatible: Joomla 3.x
  • Version: 1.10
  • File size: 27 KB
  • Downloads: 19,344
* Requires MooTools to be activate in Joomla.

Increased slide show placement, flexibility & control!

The Nice Slide Show Lite extension brings increased flexibility and control in the placement and arrangement of slide shows to the Joomla CMS. Save precious development time with the inclusion of a simple tag


in an article, custom module or just about anywhere text can be added (including template index files) and a Mootools slide show will appear along with its fantastic feature set. Beyond unrestricted placement of slide shows, the Nice Slide Show Lite is extremely malleable. Placement, sizing, slide duration, CSS, the number of slide shows and many other features are adjustable to fit just about any design needs. The Nice Slide Show Lite extension is an indispensable addition to your development toolkit. Adding eye catching slide shows has never been quicker.

The Nice Slide Show Lite has a bigger sibling, the Nice Slide Show, that includes even more great features. Give the Nice Slide Show Lite a try. After you see how quick, easy and flexible it is to use, try out the Nice Slide Show extension. You're going to love them both!


  • Joomla 1.5, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.x compatible
  • Place slide shows in articles, custom modules, templates, virtually anywhere
  • Compatible with K2
  • Designate default global settings
  • Designate settings per Nice Slide Show
  • Adjustable slide width & height
  • Adjustable slide duration
  • Hyperlink slides
  • Set link target window to _self or _blank
  • Set next & previous buttons to on or off
  • Designate custom graphics for previous & next buttons
  • Adjust next and previous button graphic size & placement
  • Set title & byline caption to on or off
  • Set title & byline caption text
  • Adjust caption opacity
  • Adjust caption placement
  • Designate caption background color
  • Designate title color
  • Designate byline color
  • Adjust default CSS
  • Designate custom CSS

Release Changes

Release version 1.03 updates

  • Resolved JavaScript issue in Internet Explorer 9

Release version 1.04 updates

  • Resolved display error with Internet Explorer 9

Release version 1.10 updates

  • Joomla 3.x compatible


We have put together a nice write up documenting the Nice Slide Show Plugin, you can find it here Nice Slide Show Lite Documentation.


All of our extension are released under the GNU GPLv2 license.

What does this mean to you? Well, a lot, here are just a few of the important tidbits.

  • You may freely use the extension forever.
  • You may freely use the extension on multiple websites.
  • You may freely alter the extension's scripts.


This one is on the house! Try it out, experience its goodness, come back and get the Nice Slide Show. Download and Enjoy!