Joomla! Nice Google Analytics Documentation

Set up & Configuration

1. Install Nice Google Analytics plugin using the standard Joomla extension installation method.

2. Go to Administrator>>Extensions>>Plugin Manager>>System – Nice Google Analytics

3. Select the Enabled option for the plugin.

4. Under the plugin's “Basic Options” parameters, enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.



5. Optionally, enter your website's full URL in the “Website URL” input field.


6. Select what kind of tracking you want to use from the “What are you tracking?” drop down menu. If you are unsure which to select, then leave it set to “A single domain.”

7. Save your changes.

It's as simple as that! Your site traffic is now being tracked by Google Analytics.


Advanced Options

If you need additional Google Analytics tracking options that are not natively available in this plugin, simply do the following.

1. Go to your Google Analytics account admin.

2. Generate your advanced Google Analytics tracking code using Google's on-site tools.

3. Once complete, copy the Google Analytics code from the code generation area.

4. Log into your site's Joomla administrator backend.

4. Go to Administrator>>Extensions>>Plugin Manager>>System – Nice Google Analytics

6. Click into the Advanced Options parameter panel.

7. Paste your Google Analytics generated code into the text area labeled “Custom Google Analytics Code Override.”

8. Save your changes.

Now, when Nice Google Analytics goes to load your Joomla pages with tracking code, it will use your custom override code instead of it's own.