Joomla! Nice Content Access Lite Documentation

Getting Started – Installation

1. Install the extension using Joomla's Extension Manager:

2. Go to Extensions>>Plugin Manager>>System – Nice Content Access Lite and enable the plugin.

3. The  Nice Content Access Lite set up is complete.

Getting Started – Your first usage

1. For this example, we are going to create a Nice Content Access post that will only be displayed for members of the Registered and Author user groups. First we need to find the id numbers of the two user groups that we wish to see our premium content.

2. Go to Users>>Groups

3. Find Registered in the list of groups. Now look to the far right “id” column and note the id number for the Registered group. It is most likely “2.” Now do the same for the Author group. You will most likely have noted the id numbers “2” and “3.”

4. Now go to Content>>Article Manager.

5. Create a new article.

6. Enter the following tag

{niceaccess-lite:2,3|This is premium content for members of the Registered and user groups only only.}

Notice the numbers 2 and 3 separated by a comma. These two numbers define are our user group id specification. Only members of the user groups with an id of 2 and 3 (Registered and Author) will be able to see the content contained within the tag.

*Important, if you are coping and pasting the example tag to your article, you should paste it into a simple text editor (such as Notepad) first. Then copy it from the text editor to Joomla. This process will clean any hidden HTML code, used for formating, out of the tag. Hidden HTML code can cause the tags to be unrecognizable to the extension and/or cause unexpected results. The best safeguard is to manually type the tag.

7. Click the Save button.

8. Find the new article on the front end of the site. If you are not logged in, you will not see any of the content from within the tag.

9. Now log in as a user that belongs to the Registered user group and view the same article. Presto! the tag content is revealed to you.

Tag Syntax

{niceaccess-lite:user group ids|content}

The tag syntax is pretty self explanatory.  Enter the user group ids that you wish to see the tag content. You need to separate multiple user group ids with commas. The tag content can be anything that you want to display to the specified user groups.