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Uploaded: November 1, 2013

Version: 1.00

Modified: November 1, 2013

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Nice Video Posts provides you with an easy way to create custom YouTube video posts. Nice Video Posts has two layout options for your post archives. Choose either list layout or grid view to create a video gallery.

*Nice Video Posts requires either the Nice YouTube plugin for WordPress or Nice YouTube Lite for WP plugin to operate properly.

With the Nice Video Posts plugin you get a convenient & flexible way to add video custom post types to your WordPress site!

Create categorized video post listings and archives in seconds. Once installed it's as easy to post and organize your videos as publishing standard WordPress posts. Get full control over the post content and the way it displays. Plus, set the plugin to grid view and create unique video galleries. Don't wait, get Nice Video Posts today!

Some cool features that you get:

  • Instantly create video posts.
  • Categorize your video posts using the Video Type settings.
  • Create child Video Types.
  • Easily add your video listings to any WordPress menu.
  • Choose between list view or grid view for your video post archives.
  • Set a default width for all videos.
  • Choose to show or not to show the video post archive header title.
  • Automatically includes video post archive page pagination.
  • Set a default number of video posts to display per archive page.
  • Set the default thumbnail size for your video posts archive pages.
  • Optionally set a default description excerpt length for video post listings.
  • Enable or disable the Video Post title display on archive pages.
  • Includes a bonus shortcode for convenient video post listings within other content.

Release Changes

Release version 1.00 Changes:

  • First release


We have put together a nice write up documenting the Nice PayPal plugin for WordPress, you can find it here Nice Video Posts WordPress Documentation.

Free Community Access & Support

Please feel free to share your thoughts, praise, questions and answers with us and the rest of the Nice Community. We are always eager to hear from you. Don't be shy about fielding a few questions, that others may have, as well. The Nice Community is all about you. We know that your participation in the community will be rewarding. To share your ideas, praise, questions and answers, simply visit our Nice Community.


All of our plugins are released under the GNU GPLv2 license.

What does this mean to you? Well, a lot, here are just a few of the important tidbits.

  • You may freely use the plugin forever.
  • You may freely use the plugin on multiple websites.
  • You may freely alter the plugin's scripts.



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